Adam LaRoche is an asshole

On the List of Things I Give a Flying Fuck About, baseball is admittedly low in the running… non-existent, to be exact. Hunting is pretty low on the list, as well; I’ve got nothing against a dude shooting himself some dinner, if that’s his thing.

But Adam LaRoche, this clown–this professional ball thrower–didn’t kill himself a fucking hamburger. He killed a cougar so he could hang its preserved corpse on his fucking wall. Because killing big animals is a testament to your fucking manhood.


I don’t care how strong the animal is, how fast it is, or how big its fucking claws may be. If you have a compound bow capable of firing steel-tipped fiberglass arrows at 350 feet-per-second, you may as well be holding a midget at arm’s length while he tries desperately to punch and kick at you, hitting nothing but air. How very fucking manly, indeed.


One thought on “Adam LaRoche is an asshole

  1. Not only is Adam a idiot his brothers are as well. Jeff is the most disrespected person in Steamboat Colorado for being a womanizer a fake and a liar, his brother Andy holds no respect at all for his actions. The Laroche name is a JOKE! all three brothers are the laughing stock of my town.

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