Nothing’s shocking

Researcher Mary Willingham found between 8-10% of University of North Carolina football players read below the third grade level.

I am not shocked.

The University of North Carolina rejected her findings out of hand.

I am not shocked.

Fans of UNC football have sent Willingham death threats.

I am not shocked.

Nor should anyone else be. Less than three years ago, legions of Penn State students took to the streets in defense of a football coach who knowingly hid a serial child rapist from prosecution. If kids don’t matter, then the ABC’s don’t stand a fucking chance.

I had to work for my diploma. More over, I had to fucking pay for it–a misadventure that is still following me around nearly ten years after I’ve graduated. Meanwhile, illiterate jock assholes get a free ride and  a free fucking diploma. For a team that went 7-6 this year? How’s that fucking fair?


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