That uncomfortable moment when you find yourself almost agreeing with Glenn Beck

Though I never would have guessed it from the rambling, incoherent stream of verbal diarrhea that is his radio show, Glenn Beck does make at least a token effort to keep his shit focused by hosting morning meetings with his staff at The Blaze. He records them, of course, and serves them up to his legions of hungry YouTube followers. The meetings are pretty enlightening, I feel. They show a different side of Glenn… not the crooning demagogue, but the genuinely stupid Average Joe who struggles to form even the simplest of thoughts:

Right Wing Watch took issue with this clip. They felt Beck’s blathering was so inane as warrant no further commentary.

Beck’s wrong, of course, but he’s almost right. Going on about Operation Northwoods, he drifts off into the realm of long-discredited conspiracy theories as to make absurd abstractions about our elected leaders dropping high-yield ordinance on American cities because, under some in-fucking-fathomable circumstance, it would be the politically expedient thing to do.

But that’s just scale. Details, baby.

Lest we forget, Barack Obama actually has bombed Americans, and Chris Christie seems the kind of guy who’d skullfuck his mother to death for the last slice of pizza. At the very least, he’s enough to keep truly psychotic fuckwads in his closest confidence… fuckwads who have, however indirectly, killed somebody.

New World Oder? A genocide against the American public? I think not. But I can’t help but get a bit squeamish when Beck isn’t that far off the mark.


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