Voodoo Economics

Under Wisconsin law, businesses are required to give their employees one day off for every work week.  State Representative Mike Born, a Republican (duh), doesn’t much care for this kind of legislation, and has moved to strike the it from the state ordinances

It’s a hard sell, I know, but Born has done a pretty good job couching his astonishingly stupid idea in superficially astute economics that really ought to impress anyone who has never taken a single semester of it.

“Let’s allow businesses and employees to work together, and if there’s extra work that needs to be done, give the option to the employee to come in,” he told msnbc.

And then we’ll all go home to our gingerbread house on Cotton Candy Lane, where the fridge is never empty and the bacon is always plentiful.

Option? Who the fuck is he kidding?

This free market shit only works if both parties occupy similar positions from which to negotiate. Where employees and employers are concerned, the disparity is too wide to fucking ignore. If you don’t have a job, you need a job, and there’s an immediacy to this need which precludes you from searching out other, more competitive employers. Most of the time, you’re stuck on the first ship that fucking sales.

So, yeah, you have an option. You have the option to come to work whenever your employer tells you, or you have the option to find yourself another job.

Hooray freedom!




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