How not to title a news article

The Salt Lake City Tribune posted a nice summary of the Grammys yesterday, hitting all the high notes, from Daft Punk’s toppling of Taylor Swift to Trent Reznor’s ineluctable profanity-laced post-show Twitter tirade.

But something caught my eye: the article’s title.

Daft Punk, Macklemore top left-of-center Grammys

Wait. What? Do mine eyes deceive me, or is the Tribune trying its hand at subtle editorializing?

“Left-of-center”? Because Queen Latifah married a bunch of people, some of whom just happened to be gay? That ultimately, this proved more memorable than whatever shitty song Madonna decided to sing?

If that be the case, it seems prudent to point out 52% of Americans would back a law legalizing gay marriage in all fifty states. Which means the Grammys were not left-of-center, but fucking center.

As in perfectly fucking normal.


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