CPAC Gems: Dinesh D’Souza

I realize this is the CPAC we’re talking about here, but you’d think they’d be a little a leery of handing a suspected fraudster like Dinesh D’Souza the fucking microphone.

Then again, if you’re willing let Chris Christie speak, you may as well give all the other criminals a go as well.

And Dinesh’s time wasn’t wasted. Here he explains his theory of taxation:

For the record, Dinesh D’Souza isn’t a dumb man. He just plays one on TV.


CPAC Gems: Chris Christie

Governors Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie aren’t happy with the national GOP, chiefly their unwillingness or inability to be proactive.

Christie says:

“Republican governors have stood up and done things, not just talked about them,”

Yeah. Just look at all the “things” Christie has managed to do. Like barking insults at teachers and veterans, traffic-fucking opponents and using hurricane relief money to extort political favors.

CPAC Gems: Mike Lee

Well, the 2014 CPAC is well underway, and the GOP’s top minds — men like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio — have taken center stage to share with us all their well-conceived plans for a better America.

Utah’s junior senator Mike Lee has it all worked out:

“It’s time to stop talking like Ronald Reagan and start acting like him,”

In other words, “Let’s do the same shit we’ve been doing for the past three decades and hope for different results!”