Who could have predicted this would happen?

Imagine you are a parent. On a warm Tuesday evening, you take your child to the local public park for their little league baseball game. All is well until a man comes scrambling through the park. You’ve never seen him before. He doesn’t look like one of the other parents. He doesn’t appear interested in the game.

Oh, and he’s carrying a gun.

The man talks shit to everyone he sees. Flaunting his piece, he walks up to you and says, “Look, I got a gun and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

In the elsewheres of the civilized world, such behavior is illegal. A quick call to 9-11 would produce a fleet of blue-and-white Crown Vics, captained by armed men ready and willing to take this asshat behind the toolshed for some good ol’ fashioned justice. But not here. Because you live in Georgia, and in Georgia, it is now perfectly legal to stroll around a public park, shoving your gun in to the faces of passersby and children alike.

The Raw Story reports:

After deputies arrived, they questioned the man who produced a permit for the handgun. According to authorities, since the man made no verbal threats or gestures, they couldn’t arrest him or ask him to leave.

Forsythe Sheriff Duane Piper said that he didn’t believe the parents and children were in any danger but, even though the man was within his rights to carry the gun, he found the gun carriers conduct inappropriate.

“We support the constitutional right to bear arms. We will not tolerate bad behavior,” said the sheriff.

On the contrary, bad behavior will most certainly be tolerated, because it is now protected by state law. That is precisely why the deputies left this fucktard to go about trolling complete strangers without so much as a fucking warning.

I don’t think very highly of the Georgia state legislature, but I have to believe this isn’t exactly what they had in mind when they passed their now-famous “Guns Everywhere Bill” late last week. Though it is difficult to justify the law beyond the suspected political motives of the governor’s office, I doubt the law was intended to permit obstreperous asshats the right to shove their weapons into childrens’ faces without fear of legeal recourse. But if unintended consequences are a measure of bad legislation, it stands to reason those who wrote said legislation should consider another career path.



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