The very bottom of the commencement barrel

Seriously, Rutgers administrators. What the fuck were you thinking?

Yes, Condoleeza Rice is smart. No argument here. She’s tenacious, driven, and despite seemingly insurmountable odds she, a black female, rose to the upper echelons of the most singularly conservative presidential administration this country has seen in more than a century.

But she’s also a fucking disingenuous shill. She helped sell an illegal and unjustified war that cost the United States thousands of her sons and daughters, and probably hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s also a big fan of torture.

I’d take no issue with the university inviting her to speak in an academic capacity; a debate, a speech, a fucking PowerPoint presentation — I couldn’t give a flying fuck in a hurricane. But Condi’s not exactly an example we want repeated in the next generation of bright young things.

She’s a fucking embarrassment, and unless you intend to parade her around as a example of what not to do as a university graduate, she’s got no fucking place speaking at a graduation ceremony.




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