And today’s Unmitigated Asshole Award goes to Jean-Marie Le Pen

I don’t know much about French politics, but at first glance, Jean-Marie Le Pen looks little different than your average European nationalist. He’s old, he’s white, he’s fat and ugly; and if you stand him in front of a microphone he’ll blather on endlessly about how much he loves his culture and how it is but one pubic hair’s length away from dying off completely because of TEH IMMIGRANTS.

It’s the same, sad, pathetic story everywhere you go in Europe. In England, the English culture is dying. In Norway, the Norwegian culture is dying. In France, the French culture is dying. And in every case they blame immigrants.

But they’re not racists.

Oh, no. Of course, not. They just love their culture so fucking much they don’t want to share it with the horrible brown people who don’t look, sound, or think like they do.

Yesterday, Le Pen, whilst musing of TEH IMMIGRANTS and their destructive multiculturalism in front of his supporters in Marseille, fantasized about the world’s “demographic explosion” being brought to an inexorable halt by a saucy chap he called “Monsieur Ebola“.

The Guardian reports:

At a cocktail party before an election rally in Marseille on Tuesday evening, days before the European elections in which the FN is leading the polls in France, Le Pen spoke of the “demographic explosion” in the world.

“Monseigneur Ebola could sort that out in three months,” he said in front of journalists.

Later, addressing supporters, Le Pen, 85, said he feared the French population risked being “replaced … by immigrants”.

“In our country and in all Europe, we have known a cataclysmic phenomenon – a migratory invasion that, my friends, we are seeing only the beginning of today.”

Le Pen, who is standing as MEP for the south-east seat, added: “This massive immigration risks producing a real replacement of populations if we don’t arrive in power soon enough to put an end to the politics of decadence that has been followed for decades.”

He said that religion added an “aggravating factor” to this problem because many immigrants were Muslim and Islam had a “conquering vocation … and even more conquering when it feels strong and they feel numerous”

See. Nothing racist there at all. Monsieur Le Pen(is) simply thinks the world would be a better place if a highly virulent and pathogenic virus swept like wildfire through the third world, killing untold millions of men, women, and children… who aren’t French.

But wait! There’s more:

Opinion polls have suggested that the FN could score between 23% and 25% of the vote in France this Sunday, beating the opposition centre-right UMP party and the ruling Socialists.

Well, that’s just fucking great.


2 thoughts on “And today’s Unmitigated Asshole Award goes to Jean-Marie Le Pen

  1. I’m the total opposite of you (I’m Christian and a conservative, but would MUCH rather vote for UMP (right-wing) than these FN racist bigots), but you just summed it up SO well. I live in France, and it’s HORRIBLE what is happening here. It’s all the same ‘blame the immigrants’. I’m sick to death of it. Immigrants HELP the economy. I can’t believe the FN beat the UMP. They’re just a bunch of racist, delusional wingnuts, and if they come to power in 2017, I will go out and demonstrate.

    • Thank you for the kind words.

      From the perspective of an American, the xenophobia of the European far-right is simply laughable. When my family emigrated to this country a hundred years ago, they were decidedly German. Did they “destroy the American culture”? Of course not. Within a few generations, they were fully integrated into American society.

      Is France going to be different a hundred years from now than it is today? Of course. But will it cease to be France? I seriously doubt that.

      And, as you noted, immigration is vital to European economies. With domestic populations in decline, these countries need to replenish their labor force from SOMEWHERE.

      It is good to hear conservative Europeans taking issue with the FN and other far-right groups across Europe. Keep up the good fight, and I hope things work out better for you in 2017.

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