Open-Carry Assholes Strike Again

This time, they attempted to set up an OP in a Texas Chili’s because… freedom… or something.

It is bad enough these people are fucking insane, but what makes them measurably worse than your run-of-the-mill anti-government gun-fondler is their proclivity towards unapologetic prickish behavior.

Could you imagine the carnage if eight heavily armed, complete strangers showed up on any of their front porches? And Chili’s should tolerate them because… why, pray tell? Because they have a brochure? How did they expect the front of house to react? “Oh, thank you for your shoddy PR material. Any and all concerns as to the continued safety of my customers and guests is now assuaged. Please help yourselves to a beer and our one of our shitty, deep-fried, diarrhea-inducing, post-industrial TexMex abominations!”

Or — and consider this — they strolled up to Chili’s knowing damn well they’d be asked to leave, so they could get the whole fucking thing on video in some lame-brained attempt to patriot-shame the franchise. I guess trolling cops is losing its appeal.


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