Fuck Mark Creech and the holy cow he rode in on

My grandfather once imparted upon me a golden rule I’ve since tried my best to live by. He said: “If you don’t know what you’re talking about, you should probably just shut the fuck up”.

And I am truly blessed to have had a much kinder, more intelligent grandfather than did North Carolina Religious Right assclown and Christian Post columnist Mark  Creech, who recently shared with us his expert analysis of the societal effects of Hinduism and Islam:

I served as a short-term missionary to India on three different occasions and saw this principle worked-out first-hand. India’s economy has been stagnated for centuries. Though I do not mean to disparage that beautiful country, it cannot be denied the two prominent religions, Hinduism and Islam, hold the nation back. Hunger is rampant in India, but not because they don’t have enough food. Hinduism teaches that people who die come back as animals. There are plenty of cows and pigs that roam the streets freely, but no one will slaughter them, even if their child’s belly is bloated with malnutrition.

Well, fuck me running. Someone get India on the phone… Mark Creech has something really fucking important to tell them! Let’s skip all the fucking formality and hand the man his Nobel Peace Prize right fucking here and now.

Of course there’s more to the whole sacred cow thing than just the nonsensical reverence bestowed upon bovine by the ancient Hindu texts. A cow is worth a lot more than its meat. It can give you food over a longer period of time if you raise the beast for its milk, or for its fertilizing dung. You can also use it to plow fields or carry goods to market. A slaughtered cow, on the other hand, feeds you basically once, and then you’re back to square one.

And the solutions to India’s recurring hunger problems are pretty clear: they need a better transportation system, particularly to isolated rural communities, and they need to import food to offset bad growing seasons (which are likely to get worse as access to fresh water dwindles with the Himalayan glaciers).

But what the hell do I know? Creech offers a far simpler solution: convert to Christianity, of course.

So the affluence of a people doesn’t simply rest with the presence of natural resources as many seem to think. There are plenty of countries that have considerably less natural resources that are more prosperous than those who have more natural resources, but are still not as prosperous. The factor determining wealth is connected more to a people’s belief system than anything else.




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