Another day, another asshole football player

Being from Connecticut, I don’t need a reason to dislike the Philadelphia Eagles, but running back LeSean McCoy isn’t helping matters. After visiting burger bar PYT yesterday, McCoy left a generous .03% tip for his server.

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy didn’t score points Monday with a Philadelphia restaurant when he left a 20-cent tip on a $61.56 bill.

The server, Rob Knelly, told that McCoy and three pals were unresponsive, rude and profane, although Knelly did forget one of their appetizers and apologized for it. “They ordered things, and once they got it, said ‘We ain’t eating this. … We don’t want it,'” Knelly said.

Some commenters on the restaurant’s Facebook page defended McCoy, citing bad service and offering anecdotes of McCoy’s generous tipping in other circumstance. Others criticized the eatery for violating McCoy’s privacy. McCoy’s teammate, lineman Evan Mathis, chimed in with a dig at the waiter. “So… Don’t sit in Rob’s section?” he wrote in a comment on the restaurant’s Facebook post.

Let’s be clear: we tip servers because their employers, by law, are allowed to pay them well below the minimum wage. Like it or not, restaurants pass the bulk of the cost of server labor onto their customers, and it is therefore incumbent upon them to ensure servers receive a living wage for their hours.

Customer satisfaction is important, but it is not a metric an employer should use when determining compensation for hours worked. No other profession in the country works like that; certainly not professional fucking football, where a player’s pay is contractually guaranteed regardless of how he performs. Could you imagine if players’ pay was determined by popular opinion? No one would play in Philadelphia, I assure you.


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