Goodell Needs to Go

If there’s one thing to be gleamed from the steaming pile of bullshit surrounding the Ray Rice scandal, it is that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to go; and to echo the sentiments of Kieth Olbermann, he should not, at this stage, be allowed to resign.

Revelation that the Atlantic City Police Department furnished the NFL with video footage of Rice knocking his then-fiance out cold in a casino elevator is incontrovertible evidence someone in the League knew the full extent of what Rice had done. Either Goodell knew himself, and has therefore been lying to the press for months, or he is grossly incompetent. Neither is excusable. Neither is forgivable.

The collective membership of the NFL needs to show that they will not stand for this kind of duplicitous shit, even from its highest officers, and allowing Goodell to slide down the ol’ resignation escape hatch is, in effect, doing nothing at all. The League cannot afford to wait for the problem to solve itself. They need to get their hands dirty. They need to take action.

They need to fire Roger Goodell.




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