I guess it is illegal to shoot unarmed black teens after all

Michael Dunn is going to prison, probably for the rest of his life. And that’s good news for unarmed black teens who like listening to loud music, because it sets the legal precedent that it is, in fact, illegal to kill them for no good reason, even in the State of Florida.

Well, almost.

It’s hard not compare Dunn’s case to that of George Zimmerman. The Guardian does a thoroughly depressing job of enumerating the disparities which may explain why Dunn has a one-way ticket to the slam while Zimmerman is hoping to land himself a reality TV show:

But unlike Zimmerman, a neighbourhood watch leader acquitted of murder last year, Dunn fled the scene immediately after the shooting, then spent the night eating pizza, drinking wine and watching movies with his fiancée in their hotel room.

Prosecutors seized on Dunn’s decision the following morning to make the two-and-a-half hour drive to his home in Satellite Beach, Florida, without contacting authorities, and accused him of lying for insisting in court that he saw Davis brandishing a shotgun during their encounter.

In other words, Dunn fled the scene before the cops could show up, see that he was white, and turn him loose. If only he had stuck around and reported the incident to the police himself, there would have no reason to suspect nefarious intent.





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