Ebola Outbreak 101: MD’s aren’t scientists

The antics of Missouri physician Gilbert L. Mobley are have been making rounds on the mainstream media outlets. If anything, it goes to show you really don’t have be particularly insightful to land yourself a spot on a 24/7 news network. All you have to be is outrageous.

Should we listen to Gilbert L. Mobley?

Well, to determine that, we need to ask a few questions:

Q. Who is Gilbert L. Mobley?

A. An emergency medicine specialist working out of Springfield, Missouri.

Q. What are Gilbert L. Mobley’s credentials?

A. He has an MD.

Q. How many publications has Gilbert L. Mobley authored?

A. PubMed seems to think zero.


In other words, no. Gilbert L. Mobley has no qualification whatsoever to speak about Ebola in more than a very general capacity. Unless he is being reamed six ways to Sunday for his unqualified fear-mongering nuttery, he has no place on our televisions.



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