Ebola Outbreak 101: It isn’t airborne, stupid

A nurse who treated US Ebola patient Thomas E. Duncan did something stupid. Days after Duncan died in Dallas, she caught a flight to Ohio. Upon her return to Dallas, she broke with Ebola herself.

To be fair, the nurse had the good sense to ask the CDC if she was allowed to travel before she left, and the CDC did something even dumber: they said “yes”.

I guess you can’t blame someone for trusting the judgment of the Centers for Disease Control.

Now, a number of schools in Texas and Ohio are doing stupid things, too. They have closed their doors for fear the virus will spread through their student bodies.

In Akron, Ohio, officials dismissed students at the Resnik Community Learning Center at midday and said it would remain closed until Monday. In a letter to parents, the schools superintendent in Akron, David W. James, said that “a parent at the school had spent time with Ebola patient Amber Vinson when she visited the area this past weekend.”

We know for a fact Ebola is transmitted through bodily fluids. We have it on good authority the virus is not transmissible during its 8 to 21-day incubation period. What threat can the virus possibly pose to students in Ohio?

None, most likely. Either school administrators don’t realize this or they are caving to pressure from panicky parents who know absolutely nothing about this disease.


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