Men Behaving Badly, and the idiots who defend them

Hollaback!’s candid video of a young woman walking the streets of New York City is getting quite a bit of traction. Watching it, I can understand why:

Pretty horrendous, right?

Some people don’t think so, I am shocked to learn. They’re out in force, courageously defending these poor misaligned catcalling men from the oppressive rhetoric of authoritarian women and pinko commie social justice warriors like… Rebecca Watson… apparently.

And their argumentation is flawless:


Idiot 1

If men can’t solicit sex from random strangers walking down the street, the species will die off.



Idiot 2

–Everyone get that? There are only two instance of sexual harassment in this video.

–Except for those other two instances, too.

–Hey, anyone remember when you could say “hello” to a woman without her calling the cops? Man, those were the days…


Idiot 3

There is no “rape culture” because iPhones.


Idiot 4

Dear Muslima


Idiot 5

–Yeah, these guys are dicks, but everyone in New York is a dick… it’s a New York thing, ya know… so, you shouldn’t talk about these guys being dicks because then chicks will think I’m a dick, too… and then how in the fuck am I supposed to get laid?

Hey, isn’t funny how those guys “spreading good cheer” were only spreading good cheer to the pretty young woman walking down the sidewalk? I’m sure sex had nothing to do with it. The dozens of other people standing around were probably too old, too ugly, or too male to make good use of good cheer. Makes sense.


Idiot 6

I dunno. How else are you supposed to meet women who will have sex with you? Maybe get to know them first?


All of these were among the first dozen or so comments. Bear in mind these people have been at it all goddamned day.

I’m gonna go pop a prozac.


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