How to get away with robbery in Connecticut

Do you feel like stealing something, but don’t want to spend a nickle in the slam? There’s a solution, friends: be white, and be rich.

Just ask Shari Lampert of Greenwhich, Connecticut, who just plead guilty to stealing nearly three grand, in cash, from her fucking maid.

Lampert, 56, made guilty pleas to charges of second-degree larceny and driving while under the influence and was given a one year suspended jail sentence and three years’ probation by Judge Gary White. White also required that Lampert perform 100 hours of community service, be evaluated for substance abuse and go through a mental health evaluation and receive treatment if needed. White also required that she pay her maid $500 that is still owed to her.

According to her arrest warrant, on the morning of June 28, 2014, Lampert became enraged after finding that her housekeeper had broken a countertop in one of the bathrooms inside her 12,455-square-foot mansion on Old Round Hill Lane.

After a “tumultuous argument” while inside the 21-room home, Lampert confronted the maid after grabbing a golf club and waiving it in the woman’s face, police said at the time. Assistant States Attorney Mitchell Rubin said Lampert then grabbed her maid’s car keys and went into the woman’s car and took out her wallet. Once in the wallet, Lambert removed $2,980 in cash.

Suspended sentence? Community service? A paltry $500? As the State of Connecticut recommends a $5,000 fine and up to five years in prison for larceny in the third degree, I’d say Mrs. Lampert did very well for herself… better, I suspect, than her maid would have received had the roles been reversed.


2 thoughts on “How to get away with robbery in Connecticut

  1. Is it even a little bit surprising that this woman violated her parole already? She has yet another DUI and will be back in court next month.

    What are the chances that she actually spends one night behind bars? Are they higher than the chances that she hurts someone while driving around town?

  2. This saga continues. Shari Lampert was arrested for DUI again during her probation. They probably won’t do anything until she kills someone, then they’ll say they never saw it coming.

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