Cycling Nonsense

Bicycling is in.

What was once the purview of children has now become the domain of adults, and what what was once a mere pastime has become the primary mode of transportation for many thousands of people, particularly those living in urban environs.

But the rest of the country has been slow to accommodate cycling as a means of transportation. Roads remain a dangerous place, whereupon cycling may pose significant risk to life and limb. Some of the danger could be mitigated by properly lighting and maintaining roads or widening them to include bike lanes, but we can’t discount that many bicycle-related injuries and fatalities are caused by negligent or malicious automobile drivers.

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If it hadn’t been recorded…

Another black man is dead, murdered at the hands of a white police officer. This time, however, the cop is not getting away. Michael Slager has been fired, arrested, and charged with murder. At the very least, he’ll never work as a police officer again. Hopefully, he’ll wind up behind bars where he belongs.

Though circumstantially similar, one can’t help but notice how the shooting death of Walter Scott has diverged so wildly from the shooting death of Michael Brown. In both cases, black men were stopped and confronted by police for petty offenses. In both cases, black men were shot multiple times some distance away from their attackers. In both cases, the attacking police officer claimed to have been in dire fear for his well-being at the time of the shooting.

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Tickling Rand Paul’s Balls

Rand Paul is expected to announce his intention to seek the Republican nomination for the presidency today… which isn’t really news so much as it is titillation. The promise of Paul the Younger, whose perceived intelligence diminishes exponentially the longer he is allowed to speak, engaging in a political debate gets me positively giddy.

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