This is not the liberal Pope you’re looking for

I know what the Vatican says. I know what the Catholic apologists say. I know what the media keeps telling us. But it just isn’t true. The Catholic Church does not accept the theory of evolution. Continue reading


Tuam Mass Grave: How to fail at moral relativism

There’s no point leading this in.

The remains of almost 800 children were buried on the grounds of an erstwhile Church-run home for unwed mothers in Tuam, Ireland. The children died between 1925 and 1961, largely of malnutrition and infectious disease. The locals in Tuam have known about this since at least 1975, when boys playing on the grounds stumbled up on a mass grave.

The Church is dealing with this markedly unpleasant revelation in its usual way: Continue reading

That about sums it up, Francis


Predictably, the Francophiles are fawning over this kitschy dime-store philosophizing. They don’t seem to realize this one sentence sums up succinctly everything that is wrong with the Roman Catholic Catholic Church, and Christianity more generally.

“If you put your trust in God, you’ll never lose your way.”

“Oh, yeah? What about the Inquisition? What about the Crusades?”

“Well, that’s easy: they didn’t put their trust in God.”

“How do you even know that?”

“Because they lost their way.”


Sorry doesn’t cut it, Francis

Pope Francis has something to say about the Church’s pattern of sexual abuse: he’s sorry.

“I feel compelled to personally take on all the evil which some priests — quite a few in number, obviously not compared to the number of all the priests — to personally ask for forgiveness for the damage they have done for having sexually abused children,” the Pope said in remarks quoted by Vatican Radio.

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As if we needed another reason to hate Benedict XVI

Between 2011-2012, the Vatican defrocked some 400 priests they believed to have sexually assaulted children.

SkyNewsHD reports:

The statistics for 2011-12 show a dramatic increase over the 171 priests removed in 2008 and 2009, when the Vatican first provided details on the number of priests who have been dismissed.

“The document shows that in two years alone, from 2011 to 2012, as 800 new cases of abuse came into the Vatican for review, the Pope actually defrocked 400 priests and the Vatican sent another 400 cases to either be tried by a Church tribunal or to be dealt with administratively,” said Rome Acting Bureau Chief and Vatican Correspondent Nicole Winfield.

Before becoming pope, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger took action after determining that bishops around the world were not following church policy and putting accused clerics on trial in church tribunals.

Instead, bishops routinely moved problem priests from parish to parish rather than subject them to canonical trials – or turn them over to police.

And that’s the Vatican’s problem, in a fucking  nutshell. While kids were being abused left and right by priests church ordinaries knew to be pedophiles, Old Pope Palpatine’s chief concern was seeing that the priests be subject to church law.

Those 400 priests he cut loose last year were not turned over to the police. The communities to which they were expelled were not warned. For all we know, they’re raping kids as we speak.

“But that’s not my problem,” says the desiccated man in the goofy fucking hat. “If the victims wanted them reported to the police they would have done so themselves.”

Christ, what an asshole.

Ruh-roh, Raggy

I’m not sure what nuns are for, but I’m fairly certain giving birth to baby boys is not it.

The HuffPo reports:

A Salvadorean nun who said she had no idea she was pregnant gave birth in Italy this week after she felt stomach cramps in her convent and was rushed to hospital, Italian media reported on Friday.

The 31-year-old mother and her baby boy, who weighs 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds), are doing well and other new mothers in Rieti hospital have begun collecting clothes and donations for her, the reports said.

“I did not know I was pregnant. I only felt a stomach pain,” the nun was quoted as saying at the hospital, the Italian news agency ANSA reported.

The nun denies any wrongdoing (of course), and her reasoning is inscrutable.

Rodriguez insisted that she was confused about being pregnant and suggested that she didn’t have sex.

“It’s not possible. I’m a nun,” she told the hospital, the New York Post reported.




The quotable Clergy Files…

Though they’ve been available for a while, I just got around to skimming over the sex abuse files the Archdiocese of Los Angeles was ordered to make public last year. There’s quite a lot of redacted gibberish and illegible handwriting, but what’s clear and intelligible is nothing short of infuriating.

Here’s a gem I stumbled across this morning:

Your Eminence, whatever motive the accuser might have, should we not be equally concerned for the reputation and the peace of mind of the accused, and so lay the whole matter to rest? After all, if the accuser “wants to place this matter behind him,” and if all he wants is to let church officials know of this relationship so that the accused “will not harm any other young men in similar fashion,” there is nothing more the accuser has to worry about. The accused is doing splendidly in the Priesthood. His behavior towards boys and young men is above reproach. He has a good public image. He performs his other duties to the admiration of many.

I honestly do not see any benefit to anybody if this matter is brought to court. Both litigants will be subjected to verbal abuse by the opposing lawyers. The media will have a field day. Whatever will be the outcome at the end, the same and the humiliation to both litigants will leave them badly scarred the rest of their lives.

The scandal-mongering media have done a lot of damage to the Church lately. I would not want us play right into their hands or give them a free ride at our expense.

Thus wrote the Most Rev. Jesus Y. Varela, then-Bishop of Sorsogon, when then-Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Roger Mahony suggested he consider forcing a Filipino priest accused of molestation in the United States to return to Los Angeles to accept his punishment should be formally charged.

Couldn’t have that, though. Wouldn’t want to give the media a free ride. Priorities, priorities…