Men Behaving Badly, and the idiots who defend them

Hollaback!’s candid video of a young woman walking the streets of New York City is getting quite a bit of traction. Watching it, I can understand why:

Pretty horrendous, right?

Some people don’t think so, I am shocked to learn. They’re out in force, courageously defending these poor misaligned catcalling men from the oppressive rhetoric of authoritarian women and pinko commie social justice warriors like… Rebecca Watson… apparently.

And their argumentation is flawless: Continue reading


Another reason tipping waitstaff needs to stop

Ask anyone who works as a waiter or waitress: tipping sucks, and it needs to stop.

Queue the same old repugnant arguments about “quality control” and “customer service” from the same curmudgeonly conservative jackasses who have always promoted them, as if paying waitstaff a liveable hourly rate–a luxury just about every other profession affords its workers–would somehow lead to a dramatic, unalterable decline in the quality of service received at restaurants across the country. It’s a bullshit nonsensical argument from bullshit nonsensical people, too quick to upset and too dishonest to admit the real reason they think the tips-as-wages scheme is the way to go.

They like it because it gives them power over people. Continue reading

That word… I don’t think it means what you think it means

And the insular culture of the NFL raises its ugly head once again as the trolls clamber out from under their bridges to defend the indefensible actions of one of their own. This time, they’re claiming the real victim in the Ray Rice scandal is not Rice’s wife Janay, but abuser himself. Here’s what a few of these clowns told ESPN:

“He told the truth. This is a public lynching of Ray.”

A friend of Rice told CNN’s “OutFront With Erin Burnett” that Rice hasn’t hidden from the ugly truth.

“He told everyone that asked, that was in a position of authority — from the NFL to his bosses with the Ravens — what he did,” said Craig Carton, who is a radio co-host with former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason. “He took ownership of the despicable act and has tried to make it right.”

I can’t speak to Rice’s honesty, and frankly, I don’t give a shit. Being honest about a bad thing you did doesn’t make that bad thing you did any less bad. It doesn’t mean you get to walk away without paying the price. It doesn’t mean you get to keep your multimillion dollar job in the public entertainment business. Continue reading

John Harbough Doesn’t Fucking Get It

Tonight, while the Detroit Lions were taking a fifteen-minute break from their otherwise uninterrupted assault upon a thoroughly unprepared New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh strutted out in front of a camera to undertake the unenviable task of announcing the team had fired Ray Rice after reviewing a video in which the star running back can be seen knocking his then-girlfriend completely the fuck out in a Las Vegas elevator. The announcement was sadly — and predictably — tepid:

“After seeing something this morning, seeing the video this morning, we had a chance to get together with Steve, Dick, Ozzie and myself and we had a meeting. It was not a long meeting. We came to the decision we came to to release Ray and that’s what we did,” Harbaugh said. “So you know that. I had a chance to talk with Ray along with Ozzie this afternoon after we did it.”

Asked whether the Ravens saw the video prior to Monday morning, Harbaugh claimed the team saw it for the first time Monday and “it changed things.”

“It’s something we saw for the first time today,” Harbaugh said. “It changed things of course. It made things a little bit different.”

Harbaugh was also asked if his feelings toward Rice — he stood up in front of a podium and defended his (now) former player just months ago — had changed. He said no.

“Everything I said in terms of what I believe I stand by. I believe that still. I’ll always believe those things,” Harbaugh said. “And we’ll always stand in support of them as a couple. That’s not going to change.”

The Ravens coach even went so far as to say he and his wife would offer Rice and his wife support as they move forward, even though Rice is no longer on the team.

“When someone that you care about does wrong and is faced with the consequences it is tough and it is hurtful. My pain is for both of them as a couple,” Harbaugh said. “From everything talking to Ray, up until his suspension, talking with him a lot, was they were working hard and doing well. If I can help them in any way and if my wife and I can help them in any way, we’ll do that.”

Harbaugh also said the video “wasn’t made available” to the Ravens until Monday morning when it went public.

“It wasn’t made available to us. It wasn’t there for us,” Harbaugh said. “As far as I know yeah, it wasn’t something we ever saw or had access to.”

Why not? Harbaugh had “no answer for that” though he does “absolutely” believe the Ravens did their due diligence to find all necessary video available.

Yeah, that’s bullshit. Every stinking fucking line of it. Continue reading