Another Thing David Brooks Has Never Said

David Brooks has made a career off absurd pronouncements for which he is never held to account. His claim that, upon winning majorities in both the House of Representatives and Senate last November, the Republican Party has abandoned its stupid ways to embrace a more moderate, measured approach to conservatism will go down in not-history as precisely one such pronouncement. Continue reading


Ebola Outbreak 101: MD’s aren’t scientists

The antics of Missouri physician Gilbert L. Mobley are have been making rounds on the mainstream media outlets. If anything, it goes to show you really don’t have be particularly insightful to land yourself a spot on a 24/7 news network. All you have to be is outrageous. Continue reading

How to FAP in public

Kudos to Tom and Cecil from the Cognitive Dissonance podcast. Despite predictably cold and windy Illinois weather, their first Fan Appreciation Picnic (yes, FAP) went off without a hitch — unless you, like me, made the foolhardy decision of trusting your GPS for directions to the picnic grounds.

But no matter. Good food, home-brewed beer, and, best of all, a great crowd made for the best time I’ve had in a long time. Glory Hole, in-fucking-deed.

Tom, Me, Cecil, & Mrs. Russell.

Tom, Me, Cecil, & Mrs. Russell.

Chivalry is dead

These days, it seems safe to assume any news that begins with the word “Arizona” is not good news. And here’s an anecdotal news story to back up my completely arbitrary claim:

Allies Of Lawless Rancher Planned To Put Women ‘Up At The Front’ If Showdown With Feds Turned Violent 

ThinkProgress reports:

An uprising of militia members who were planning an “armed response” to federal enforcement of trespassing law ended peacefully Saturday after the Bureau of Land Management stopped rounding up cattle that a federal judge found have been illegally grazed on federal land for years.

But some allies of rancher Cliven Bundy were prepared to make as much of a media spectacle as possible if violence were to erupt, saying they would put women on the front lines in the event federal officials turned to deadly force. Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack told Fox News Monday, as reported by the Blaze:


“We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front. If they are going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers.”


Christ, what an asshole.

Republican thugs threaten VW

The hypocrisy of Republicans knows no bounds.

Here’s the skinny:

  • Workers at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee plant want to join the United Automobile Worker’s Union.
  • Plant management, desiring to implement a Germanic “worker’s council” to facilitate collaboration between white-collar and blue-collar workers, doesn’t object.
  • State Republicans threaten to take away financial incentives if VW doesn’t block the move.

State Senator Bo Watson, who represents a suburb of Chattanooga, warned on Monday that if VW’s workers voted to embrace the U.A.W., the Republican-controlled Legislature might vote against approving future incentives to help the plant expand.


“The members of the Tennessee Senate will not view unionization as in the best interest of Tennessee,” Mr. Watson said at a news conference. He added that a pro-U.A.W. vote would make it “exponentially more challenging” for the legislature to approve future subsidies.


A loss of such incentives, industry analysts say, could persuade Volkswagen to award production of a new S.U.V. to its plant in Mexico instead of to the Chattanooga plant, which currently assembles the Passat.


So much for the “free market”. So much for “individual liberty”. Clearly, politics trumps ideology… so much that state Republicans would rather commit economic seppuku than give U.A.W. an ounce of influence in Tennessee.


An Advertising Axiom

Cute as they are, and while a welcome relief from the usual alpha male macho bullshit typical of beer commercials, no amount of Clydesdale horses and golden retriever puppies traipsing in tandem will take away the wretched, unloving, hydrous flavor of Budweiser. If Anheuser-Busch wants to sell me a beer, all they need to do is brew one worth drinking.